Bike Pit at Keflavik
International Airport


Hvíta húsið 

Art Direction & Design 


There has been a significant increase in tourists through the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal and cyclists are notable, not least because of the fact that they have to put their bikes together for use and often use the terminal in bad weather.

The floors at the airport have been made up of cyclists with poles and tires on the ceiling. Sometimes, harsh conditions and heavy dirt often result.

Isavia asked us to mark a container intended for cyclists. Created BikePit! BikePit is relieving the lack of facility and at the same time showing cyclists that they are most welcome to the country.

There was a fun and informative message about everything in the container and good facilities for conducting cycling repairs or combinations.

The message was compiled from our intuition. What would we think if we were to start cycling the ring? Trees, sheep, blizzard, snow and uneven roads. Careless drivers, ever-changing weather and high mountain roads.

Illustration by Haukur Pálsson.