Branding the International Geothermal Association

International Geothermal Association

Hvíta húsið

Art & Creative Direction
and Graphic Design 


Last year, the International Geothermal Association, held a new identity in the wake of its strategic work. 

For the Hvíta húsið ad-agency i participated in the project and submitted a proposal for a new logo and identity for the organization that wants to reach geothermal companies around the world.

Along with the logo, we proposed fonts, colors and execution of promotional materials, indoors and out, and wanted to present an overall identity that would stand out from the corporate environment as well as the urban environment around the world.

The overall approach is based on the graphic and visual world that can be distinguished from geological drawings, along with the reference to the shape and core of the earth.

The colors of the face were captured from an environment colored by geothermal and volcanic activity and adapted to use and contact surfaces. Our proposal was made and we are very excited to see the results in real life.