The Policy Statement
Of The Icelandic Government

Icelandic Government

Hvíta húsið

Art Direction & Layout design 


It is not customary to illustrate a government covenant in Iceland and when the project came to our table it seemed to indicate a new era, new thinking and goals for the future. We wanted to make this clear in the drawings and use a visual medium to breathe new life into garments that have so far been supported by great text.

Each chapter was given one picture, and the whole of the collaboration is marked by a beautiful drawing with reference to the land and the land.

The main policies of the government each have their own image, all of which form one whole. Sharp lines, strong colors and different shapes come together in a style that is at once distinctive and clear and is indicative of the divisions that were hoped for a new government cooperation.

Illustration by Viktoriar Buzukina.