Introduce a country and a nation to people on a fast journey

Duty Free Iceland

Hvíta húsið 

Art Direction & Design 


In short, this is the project that the Port of Frein was given to us - to wall-decorate the southern building of Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal with characteristic images of Iceland and Icelandic culture, for passengers who stopped short before continuing their travels across the Atlantic.

The mural is made up of almost 20 images drawn with one continuous "pen bar" and characteristic of the country's wildlife, wildlife and culture.

The images are of a very simple and stylish nature, as the terminal does not have a traditional mural for the works, and the viewer usually does not have long time to stop and "analyze" the work and the message.

We are very pleased with how successfully and in the clouds with the nomination that the wall decoration was awarded for the FÍT Awards 2019.

Illustration & sketches by Viktoriar Buzukina.